Red Blood Cell Lysis Buffer (10X)

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Key Benefits

Red Blood Cell (RBC) Lysis Buffer has been designed, formulated, and tested to ensure optimal lysis of human RBCs in single-cell suspensions with minimal effects on leukocytes. RBC Lysis Buffer is supplied as a 10X solution containing ammonium chloride, potassium carbonate, and EDTA, and should be diluted in sterile water prior to use. Nucleated RBCs are not effectively lysed with ammonium chloride. This buffer is not intended for use with whole blood from any other species.

This RBC lysis buffer is supplied as a 10X solution and should be diluted to 1X in sterile water. 100 mL of 10X concentrate will yield a quantity of 1X solution that is sufficient to lyse 50 mL of whole blood.

Figure 1: Analysis of samples before and after red blood cell lysis. (A) Whole blood (black) contains mostly red blood cells
and lysed blood (yellow) has an enriched population of mononuclear cells. (B) Lysed blood with phenotypic staining for
CD3 (teal), CD19 (magenta), and CD14 (black).

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