Proliferation and Encoder (B/Green) Kit

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Key Benefits

  • Two dye options gives you more ways to measure cell proliferation and encode cells.
  • No wash protocol, just add and read for fast, easily automated workflow.
  • Multiplex with other IntelliCyt kits
  • Dyes are safe and non-toxic to you and the cells!

Kit Description

The IntelliCyt Cell Proliferation and Encoder Kit consist of dyes that are designed for ease-of-use, multiplexing and high-throughput screening. The straightforward workflow simultaneously measures cell proliferation or multiple encoded cell populations as well as other biological endpoints in each sample.

The Cell Proliferation consists of a spectrally distinct proprietary fluorescent dye that is cell permeable.

The Cell Encoder enable labeling of many standard cell lines by using different intensities of a single fluorophore. Each kit includes one dye on a single fluorescent channel that are titrated to three different concentrations to label cells at none, dim, mid, and bright intensity.


The Cell Proliferation function on the principle of dye dilution. Cell proliferation is detected and quantified based on the halving or “dilution” of the loaded dye after each round of cellular division.

Fluorescent cell encoding is a technique where different cell populations are labeled with different intensities of a fluorophore, establishing a unique signature of fluorescence intensity that enables the ability to analyze multiple cell lines simultaneously.

Figure 1: Identify the Proliferated Cell Population. The B/Green proliferation dye is shown on the BL1-H histogram.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 13 × 8 in