Cell Cycle (B/Red) Kit

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Key Benefits

  • Uses a DNA-specific dye so there is no need to use RNase.
  • The dye crosses membranes so there is no need to permeabilize or fix the cells. This also means you can use live cells.
  • No wash needed, simply add and read for fast, easily automated workflow.
  • Multiplex with other IntelliCyt kits like Cell Membrane Integrity for richer content.

Kit Description

The Cell Cycle Kit utilizes a DNA binding dye to enable the creation of a cell cycle profile and the quantification of the relative percentage of cells in each phase of the cell cycle.


Cells stained with the cell cycle dye will fluoresce in proportion to their DNA content. The cell cycle consists of four distinct phases: G0/G1 phase (growth), S phase (synthesis), G2 phase and M phase (mitosis). Each phase can be identified based on the relative amounts of DNA resident in the cell, with G0/G1 cells having the least amount of DNA and G2/M cells with the most. These relative differences in DNA content are easily detected by fluorescence intensity, and can be utilized to establish quantitative cell cycle profiles.

Chart Image

The Cell Cycle Kit utilizes a proprietary cell cycle dye that is able to enter live cells and specifically bind to DNA without need for fixation or permeabilization. The single step addition, no wash assay format has been designed for multiplexing, and is compatible with GFP expression cell lines.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 13 × 8 in